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Fertimed health care center

The key focus for the Fertimed private health care center  is on the treatment of infertility. Highly educated staff, extensive experience and many international publications on different topics guarantee the highest level of treatment available in the Czech Republic.

Brno (45 minutes by taxi from the Fertimed centre) is increasing flight connections with Milan and Barcelona. There are regular flights from Munich and London already. This will make the transport of our patients easier.


Infertility is the main area of our treatment. The Fertimed infertility center Fertimed was the first center for a baby to be born using ICSI treatment in the Czech Republic.
Outpatient surgery focuses on gynaecology and infertility. No waiting time and first-rate standards are guaranteed.

Genetic examinations

Genetic examinations focus specifically on reproduction. Some examination procedures are supervised internationally (genetic examinations during pregnancy, cystic fibrosis, thrombophilia).

Plastic surgery

The Plastic surgery department brings together experienced surgeons from the region.


At Fertimed Genetic counselling focuses on reproduction. Usually a genetic examination is performed prior to conception or alternative after any issues or problems (abortion, implantation failure, congenital anomalies).  
Genetic examinations of fetuses during pregnancy are supervised from London: The Fetal Medicine Foundation.

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Our publication attracts great attention
The occurrence of monozygotic twins was quoted in 9 international publications. Our works were quoted in 26 scientific articles in total.

Oocyte quality improvement
From the TC (oocyte quality improvement) method, 15 healthy children were born.

Kindetwunsch Tage conference in Berlin
On days 17-18 February 2018 we are attending the Kindetwunsch Tage conference in Berlin. Come to see us, we'll be happy to answer all your questions and introduce you to methods of rejuvenating oocytes by using cytoplasmic transfer. URL

Directive EU
DIRECTIVE 2011/24/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 March 2011 on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare give information about possibility, home insurance can pay expencies of the treatment abroad. Preliminary application is requiered.

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