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Of going to FERTIMED for treatment

  1. Fertimed in Olomouc - placed near historical centre (UNESCO), 5 min by car from Railway station
  2. accomodation - we provide accomodation in cosy private appartments
  3. connection from UK - cheap flights with Ryanair from London - Stansted to  airport in Brno, Wien and Praque.  Direct flights from Paris-Ostrava. Check getting to Olomouc (where to find us)


Assisted reproduction

  1. IVF/ICSI - no waitting list, not necessary to be married, low prices of medication and treatment,  high standard of treatment, fully qualified english speaking staff
  2. EGG DONATION - ethnity close to UK patients, full anonymity of donors and recipients, 3 programmes (2100 €, 3000 €, 3800 €), no waiting list for donation, finding a donor usually within 1 month, mild stimulations for donors, high number of proved donors
  3. GENETIC SCREENING in the 1st trimestr of pregnancy- screening for trisomy of 21.chromosone of a baby, high accurancy, early diagnosis


  1. HSK - easy method of examination of the uterus, OP theatre available at our clinic, no waitting list
  2. LSK - we arrange LSK in a private hospital nearby, where our surgeon operates, no waiting list, full care
  3. UTHL - providing diagnosis operation of your tubes in our clinic, checking for any irregualities in uterus, can improve chances to get pregnant by washing tubes with fluid, coming 1day before operation, leaving a day after
  4. DIAGNOSTIC infertility package - all in one in 5-6days, see what is infertility

Quick contact

phone: +420 585 22 12 81

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Where you find us

Boleslavova 246/2
Czech Republic

1. května 863/82
Polanka nad Odrou
Czech Republic

Olomouc Polanka nad Odrou

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