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About Fertimed

Fertimed's Background

After more than a decade as the head of the outpatient unit for the infertility treatment at Palacky University Hospital in Olomouc, Doc.M.D. Aleš Sobek Ph.D. decided to open a private infertility centre in 1992.

Doc.M.D.Aleš Sobek Ph.D. has brought together an internationally renowned team of specialists whose common belief in patient care is putting the patient first. By housing the entire treatment centre under one roof they are able to use state-of-the-art facilities to both ensure patient comfort and maintain a high level of efficiency. The centre for infertility treatment was the third centre in the Czech Republic to have permission to work issued by SUKL (State Institute for Drug Control) under the rule of a European Directive.

Doc.M.D.Aleš Sobek, Ph.D. is the head consultant and owner of Fertimed infertility clinic. He has published more than 100 publications in national and international journals and has held numerous lectures and presentations at international conferences. He is an experienced gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine.

Fertimed infertility clinic opened its doors in 1992 and performed its first in vitro fertilization cycle two years later. In 1995 the Centre was granted permission by the Czech Ministry of Health to perform all methods of assisted procreation. In the same year, the first ICSI baby in the Czech Republic was born in this centre. In the same year, Fertimed became the second infertility centre in the Czech Republic to see the birth of a baby following the transfer of a cryopreserved embryo. Two years later, in 1997, Fertimed's success was recognized by the national government when it was awarded the Czech Ministry of Health Research Project Award, the first time a private gynaecological centre has won the award.

Later the same year Fertimed expanded its facilities and moved to its new location. The Centre houses all standard infertility diagnostic equipment, a full-scale surgery, an embryology laboratory as well as comfortable consultation and treatment rooms. There are now two centers for infertility treatment in Olomouc and Ostrava that are operated by Fertimed.

One-day surgery, genetic screening in the 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy and plastic surgery are other services offered by Fertimed.

Why be treated in Czech Republic?

Health care in the Czech Republic is, as in other EU countries, at a very high level. Legal regulations allow the use of all ART techniques including egg and sperm donation except surrogate motherhood. The prices of all medical procedures and medicines in the Czech Republic are lower than in other EU countries. 

Treatment for infertility varies widely from patient to patient. Over the last few years, the variety, availability and consistency of treatment procedures have improved so much that today clients are able to choose the treatment that best suits their particular diagnosis. Depending on the diagnosis, the treatment of infertility may include a complete infertility examination in 7 days,or a quick 3 day stay with IVF in vitro procedure or sperm and eggs donation.

One-day surgery includes all "minor" gynaecological examinations and treatment procedures. We provide all procedures including hysteroscopy and UTHL in 1-3 days after your call.

Whatever the ultimate treatment plan, we at Fertimed understand that the ultimate decision remains with you and your spouse. We are here to inform, support and treat. 

Advantages of infertility treatment at Fertimed:

  1. Fertimed in Olomouc - is located close to the historical centre (UNESCO), 5 minutes' walk from the centre, Fertimed Ostrava is 20 min. drive from the Ostrava-Mosnov airport
  2. Accommodation - we provide accommodation in cosy appartments in both centres in Olomouc and Ostrava
  3. Connections from the UK - cheap flights with Ryanair from Stansted to the airport in Brno and from Paris to Ostrava. Vienna and Praque airports are about 2,5 hours drive- please check "Getting to Olomouc" 
  4. Airport shuttle provided
  5. Long tradition of  infertility treatment
  6. Low prices for treatment 
  7. Short waiting time for egg donation, no waiting list
  8. Success rate of more than 35 % / embryotransfer
  9. Beautiful historical centre in Olomouc (UNESCO)
  10. English speaking doctors and staff
  11. Personal assistant for patients from abroad. She is able to arrange your free time, book tickets for opera and make your stay a pleasant holiday.
  12. You can request a free call back
  13. The clinic offers UTHL - a new method for the examination of female reproductive organs and tubal patency developed at Fertimed Clinic (UTHL video)

Assisted reproduction

  1. IVF/ICSI - There is no waiting list for this programme, no necessity to be married. 
  2. EGG DONATION - an ethnicity close to UK/German/Swedish patients, low prices, full anonymity of donors and recipients, no waiting list for donation, finding a donor usually within 1 month, high number of proved donors
  3. GENETIC SCREENING in the first and second trimester of pregnancy-  high accuracy, early diagnosis.


  1. HSK - a simple way to examine the uterus, no waiting list
  2. UTHL - includes hysteroscopy and hydrolaparoscopy By checking for irregularities in the uterus and ovaries, this examination can improve your chances of getting pregnant. You would come 1 day before the operation and leave a day after
  3. DIAGNOSTIC infertility package - all in one in 5-6 days

Plastic surgery

We provide gynaecological aesthetical surgery and eyelid surgery.

Certificate of accreditation

Certificate of accreditation


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