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Genetic screening in pregnancy

  • genetic screening in the 1st trimester of pregnancy - done from the 11-13+6 week of pregnancy. Highly educated staff calculate the risk of 21 trisomy or any genetic illness in the baby in a special program. It calculates ultrasound markers, the age of the mother and some biochemical examinations (PAPP, HCG). This early diagnosis of congenital disease is highly accurate and specific. It can exclude 97% of congenital anomalies. Fertimed is certified in London, working on the Astraia program.
  • special genetic ultrasonographic examination in the 22nd week of pregnancy is necessary for the examination of organs (brain) which are not fully developed early on.
  • Cardio screening in the 20-22nd week of pregnancy can distinguish heard irregularities. Such early detection gives the child a chance to be born in a specialized centre which offers early medical service.
Genetic screening in pregnancy Genetic screening in pregnancy

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