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Questions and answers in infertility

1. How long does the egg retrieval take?

Depending on the number of follicles present, the time may vary from five to fifteen minutes.

2. Does each follicle contain an egg?

No. In fact, sometimes if a woman’s estradiol is very high it is difficult to see every follicle. This is why more eggs are retrieved than the numbers of follicles seen by ultrasound. Conversely, when the estradiol is very low and only one or two follicles are visible by ultra-sound there may not be an egg in the follicle. This is known as empty follicle syndrome. At Fertimed all clients are scanned prior to egg retrieval.

3. Is egg retrieval a painful procedure?

Generally patients are asleep during the egg retrieval procedure. A variety of potent painkillers are administered during the procedure. Most women tolerate the procedure with a minimum of discomfort.

4. How will I feel after the egg retrieval?

Usually women complain of feeling tired and sleepy. Occasionally they will experience some abdominal discomfort. The day after the egg retrieval some women feel well enough to return to work. In Olomouc you can relax at our Centre.

5. When is my male partner required to produce the semen specimen?

On the day of egg retrieval, our embryologist will inform him of when the time is right. Private rooms are available. If your male partner has a specific problem, i.e. difficulty producing, he should discuss this with the embryologist in advance of the egg retrieval procedure.

6. Will every egg be fertilized?

Our normal egg fertilization rate at Fertimed is 65 - 70%. Some patients have a very high rate of fertilization, sometimes close to 100%. Including those cases where the patient has an exceptionally complicated history, we are still able to ensure that ninety-five per cent of couples have embryos for transfer, mainly when ICSI is performed.

7. When are the embryos frozen?

They can be either frozen the day after egg retrieval, known as the 2 pronuclear stage, or on any day after the egg retrieval.

8. How long can embryos stay frozen before being used?

No one knows the exact answer to this question. At Fertimed, several women have delivered healthy normal babies after the embryos had been stored for two-six years.

9. After the transfer will all of my embryos be frozen?

Not all embryos go through normal cell division. If the embryos do not appear normal they will be discarded in the laboratory. After the transfer embryologist will inform you of the number of embryos frozen. All embryos that look normal will be frozen.

10. When can I resume normal activities, i.e. driving, going to work, taking a walk, etc.?

You may resume normal activities 2-5 days after your transfer. Before long travel a stay in Olomouc is recommended. At Fertimed we recommend light as opposed to strenuous activities.

11. When can I have sexual relations?

3-5 days after the transfer gentle sexual intercourse is allowed.

12. What is the best position to stay in after the transfer?

It is best to lie flat or to recline on a couch or in an armchair. In our centre we transfer embryos with elevated pelvis. We recommend staying in this position for 10-30 minutes and the rest of the day in bed.

13. When can I take a bath?

Three days after the transfer you may take a bath. However, lukewarm is better than hot. Recent studies have suggested that hot baths and showers may cause harm to the unborn child.

14. When can I resume strenuous exercise?

You may resume strenuous exercise only on the advice of a physician.

15. When is it possible to fly home?

You may fly home as early as two to three days following the embryo transfer.

16. Is it possible arrange egg donation in one visit?

Yes, if you come when your endometrium is ready for transfer, you can stay in our centre and wait the first eggs for donation. We can also prepare your own donor for the date of your stay.

17. Would the centre arrange pick up at the airport?

Yes. We can pick you up at Prague airport (3 hours’ drive), Vienna (2 hours’ drive), Bratislava (2 hours’ drive) or Brno and Ostrava (1 hour’s drive). There are 2 airports for small aircraft in our town.

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