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Cyst puncture

The majority of ovarian cysts is simple functional cyst. It is easy to differentiate it by ultrasound. If they persist too long, cause bad feeling or harm ovarian stimulation, ovarian puncture and the aspiration of the cystic fluid is recommended. In the event of any suspicion, a cytological examination of the aspirated fluid is possible. A simple cyst puncture is short and very easy. We offer analgetics before this procedure. General anaesthesia is not necessary but it is possible.

Formerly cysts were removed by laparoscopy but this procedure is too complicated in such a simple diagnosis. After laparoscopy ovarian damane can negatively influence the ovarian function.

Endomeriosis can make endometriotic cysts, which are full of old blood. They grow slowly and are painful, mainly during the period. They deform the ovarian volume and decrease the ovarian response to stimulation. We have a special needle which allows us to suck out the endometriotic fluid and contract the cyst. After aspiration the cyst can cicatrize and disappear. The endometriosis aspiration takes longer and general anaesthesia is recommended.

Cyst puncture

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