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Some mutations can be found in the genes of any person. In some circumstances (hormonal treatment, pregnancy) they can increase coagulation, resulting in microcoagulation, early pregnancy loss or embolization.

Indication for this examination:

  • family appearance of embolization
  • embolization in the patient
  • complications in a previous pregnancy (preeklampsia, placenta abruption, intrauterine growth retardation)
  • pre-hormonal treatment (contraception, HRT, ovarian stimulation)

Our examination screening PCR set:

Factor V (G1691A – Leiden), Factor V (H1299R – R2), Prothrombin (G20210A), MTHFR (C677T), MTHFR (A1298C), Factor XIII (V34L), PAI-1 (4G/5G), EPCR (A4600G – A3), Apo B (R3500Q), Apo E (codon 112), Apo E (codon 158), Β-Fibrinogen (455G>A), HPA1 (a/b), ACE (Ins/Del).

In the event of mutations some treatments can be recommended: aspirin, Follic acid, heparin.

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